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    Some Liberator gifs.

    Still one of the best designed ships ever.

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  4. "Listen, you stupid monkey. Cloister is another name for god!"

    Red Dwarf - Series One, Episode Four: Waiting for God

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    Reblog if you support Maggie Smith becoming immortal.

    Doesn’t Maggie Smith get any say in the matter?

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    Obligatory Johnny Cash Reference.

    9:30 PM Greenwich Mean Time

    More gifs

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    whoops my finger slipped and i made this doctor who gif

    from episode four of “the war machines” serial

    I love this moment from The War Machines. That’s pure Doctor right there.

    The War Machines was the first story to do so much of what modern Doctor Who does a lot and it rarely gets credit for it.

    This is the DNA of everything from the UNIT era to The Bells of St John back to this story.

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