1. xenopheles:

    Reblog if you support Maggie Smith becoming immortal.

    Doesn’t Maggie Smith get any say in the matter?

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  2. isixdream:

    Obligatory Johnny Cash Reference.

    9:30 PM Greenwich Mean Time

    More gifs

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  3. dollcrimes:

    whoops my finger slipped and i made this doctor who gif

    from episode four of “the war machines” serial

    I love this moment from The War Machines. That’s pure Doctor right there.

    The War Machines was the first story to do so much of what modern Doctor Who does a lot and it rarely gets credit for it.

    This is the DNA of everything from the UNIT era to The Bells of St John back to this story.

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  4. bibliophile1887:

    Blake’s 7 Meme

    Six Moments: Orbit. Okay, this is a bad moment. A very, very bad moment. But you have to admit. It’s a fucking good one.

    Such a dark turn in the relationship between Avon and Vila. Part of me wishes that it had happened earlier in the season so we could have seen more of the fall out from it.

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  5. penilicious:


    Unnecessary Explosions.



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  6. augenss:

    - Tupac Shakur

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  7. borgcast:

    bOrgCast 6.12- Kai Okapi

    Aka- ‘Oh my God, they killed Pat Tallman! You bastards!’

    Peter and Anne-Marie revisit Battle Lines, along with Aquiel, featuring a giant poo for a protagonist.

  9. lediableaquatre:

    How tumblr thinks statistics works.

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  10. raineszramski:

    My finished Second Doctor (acrylic gouache and ink).
    With snow and Cybermen…